What do I do if there is a paper jam in the duplexer tray of the Kyocera printers?

All of the printers in the building are now Kyocera brand.

Ground and 3rd Floor Printers:

  1. Pull out the top paper tray (Instructions will say to remove cassette).
  2. Look inside where you just removed the tray. At the bottom you should see a green tab.
  3. Pull down on the green tab and you should see the paper jam.
  4. Removing the paper should clear the jam.

If the tray does not lift up after you put it back in, then lift the top cover and open the Envelope Tray. Close them both in reverse order. The tray should lift.

See instructions on the display panel of the printer for more instruction, if needed.

If the printer is still jammed:

  1. Open the back tray and check to see if there is a paper jam there.
  2. Make sure there is not any papers currently hanging from where the papers feeds out.

1st & 2nd Floor Printers:

  1. Check the display panel for the error
  2. On the 1st floor printer, you will have to log-in using the passcode 9876, then press Job/Status for the printer to alert you to the location of the problem.
  3. Follow the directions on the screen.
  4. On the 2nd floor printer, you will have to look at the error message on the read out panel.
  5. Follow the direction on the panel, and if that doesn't work, you will have to check each tray and open the panel with the fuser to check for jammed paper.


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