1) Answer any and all questions to the best of your ability.
2) Get help to answer questions for the Help Desk, 860-2710, or a library staff member.
3) Never tell a patron/customer that you do not have the answer. Make sure to get the person help.
4) Record all the questions you are asked on the Question & Answer Log.

1) Fill the paper for the printers on all the floors of the library every hour.

1) Check the toner each hour when you check the paper.
2) Replace the toner when low.
3) Clear printer jams.
4) Contact a library circulations staff member or the Help Desk to cancel a printer job.

1) Check when there is an "out of order" or "not working" note on a computer. Try and fix the problem yourself. If you cannot fix the problem, contact the Help Desk at 860-2710 or go to Champ Support

2) Report all computer problems that you cannot fix to the Help Desk with the computer ID number, example miller2lab-01.

1) Check the computers hourly and log out users
2) Push in the chairs on the 2nd floor lab area

Rules & Responsibilities

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