Lab Monitor Contract Rules

The Library's primary function is to serve the students and faculty of the College community. It is our duty to assist them as much as possible and make the Library as user-friendly as possible. You will play a large role in this mission.

Listed below are the "rules of the game." These are to be followed by all who work as Lab Monitors in the MIC. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please see the Director of Academic Resources. Remember that a work/study position is a "real" job and should be treated as such.

1. When you sign up for a certain time slot/period, you are expected to be at the desk on the 2nd floor during that time. Faculty, staff and others students will come to depend upon your work.

2. If you need to take a planned absence, it is your responsibility to arrange a substitute first, and then notify the Circulation Coordinator of the planned change. Such absences should be limited to a legitimate NEED.

3. In case of an emergency or illness, where you do not have time to arrange a substitute, it is your responsibility to phone the Library AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can adjust accordingly.

4. No one should ever just "not show up," unless severe circumstances make it impossible to notify the Library, in which case you should phone as soon as possible. Please do not ever wait until the next day you come in to tell the supervisor why you were absent.

5. If for some reason you will be more than 10 minutes late for work, you must phone the Library to inform us of the delay.

6. You will not be allowed any unexcused absences. Unexcused absences may result in termination of employment. Excessive "planned absences" and "excused" (illness) absences may also result in termination.

7. Phone calls should be limited to EMERGENCY ONLY. If someone calls for another work/study student, you should take a written message and place the note on the student's timecard.

8. You are allowed to access the Internet. However, improper usage such as downloading or playing games, downloading file sharing programs, or viewing explicit sites may result in loss of employment. No files, games, or other sites should be loaded on the desk top!!!

9. Timecard falsification is grounds for dismissal and permanent lose of work-study. If you leave your area for anything other than work related issues or the use of the facilities, you must punch out.

10. In order to make sure the needs of the students are met, wearing headphones is prohibited.

Rules & Responsibilities

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