How do I print to another printer?

How to change the printer using Windows XP (front desk computers only)

  1. Go to file and select print
  2. When the Print box pops up, click on Find Printer
  3. When the Find Printer box pops up, click on Find Now
  4. This will bring up a list of printers. Pick the printer that begins with "Miller" and the floor you are located. Click "OK"
  5. The printer should be available to see in the top box. You may to click the printer icon to make it print to the newly added printer.

The Printers Choices Are:

  • MillerGptr Miller Ground floor
  • Miller3ptr Miller 3rd floor
  • Miller2ptr Miller 2nd floor
  • Miller1ptr Miller 1st floor

How to change the printers using Windows 7 (all other floors & computers)
Go to search programs and files on the bottom left hand corner of the screen

  1. Type: \\zinc
  2. A pop-up screen listing all the printers will appear
  3. Pick the printer MillerGptr, Miller1ptr, Miller2ptr, or Miller3ptr
  4. Double click to start downloading the drivers to the computer OR right click the printer and click Connect.
  5. Once the printer drivers are installed, click on the drop down arrow and click on the printer. Make sure it is clicked on when you go to print.


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