Closing Procedures

1) Turn off all the computers on the following floors: the ground/basement floor, the 1st floor, the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor.

2) Push in all the chairs for each computer station.

3) Fill all the printers

4) Check the toner of each printer

5) Fill the staplers

6) Recycle all the paper left in the tray next to the printer on the 2nd floor

7) Recycle any paper left next to any printer on the other floors

8) Make sure no one is left in the computer lab when you leave

9) Make sure to fill in our online payroll

Closing Procedures
I schedule one circulation assistant, two library aides, and one lab monitor to make sure we have enough people in this building to keep everyone safe. We do not stop non-Champlain College community members from entering this building. This means we do not know who is in the building when we close. In addition, we do not have security to help us close at night. We have to rely on each other.

Everyone who closes at night should leave together. You should not leave anyone behind. Sometimes this may mean leaving after midnight or 10 p.m. Again, we should all leave together.

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